Step-by-Step Guide to design high-quality app screenshot for android app store using paint tool

Here are some tips to design your app screenshots

  • Display your app core functionality and user interface
  • Describe your app’s main feature inside the screenshot itself using text
  • Export the image in required image format only (JPEG or 24  bit PNG) and ensure image dimensions do not exceed the maximum or minimum limits

Play Store App Screenshot Requirements

  • JPEG or 24 bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Minimum dimension : 320 px
  • Maximum dimension 3840 px
  • The maximum dimension of a screenshot can not be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.

Note : 

These requirements may change so also refer play console official help for graphics assets - Play Console Help URL  

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Step-by-Step Guide to design high-quality app screenshot for android app store using paint tool

step 1 : Save the below free android app screenshot template provided by us.

To get the template 

Save the image to your PC

Template dimension - 1080 x 1920

App Screenshot template
App Screenshot template

Step 2 : Take a Screenshot of your app using Android Emulator or your physical device.

The image below is just a sample image to show you how you can create a app screenshot. Please do not use the below image for your project.The below image is our live app screenshot. Use your own app screenshot image.

App Screenshot
App Screenshot

Step 3 : Open up your app screenshot using Paint

Please note that the app screenshot should have minimum dimensions - 710 x 1260

If you are using an android emulator device you can easily increase the dimension of the screenshot by configuring the emulator hardware profile resolution to 720 x 1280 or more.

Android App Screenshot Dimensions
Android App Screenshot Dimensions

In this guide, we are using screenshot with dimension 711 x 1261

Step 4 : Resize the image to 710 x 1260 (skip this step if your screenshot dimension are already 710 x 1260 )

Click Resize in the Home Menu - Image Section

  • Uncheck Maintain aspect ratio
  • Click on Pixels Choice Button
  • Set Horizontal to 710
  • Set Vertical to 1260
  • Click OK
Resize App Screenshot
Resize App Screenshot

Step 5 : Check you image dimensions

App Screenshot Dimensions 710 x 1260
App Screenshot Dimensions 710 x 1260

Now image is been successfully resize to 710 x 1260 pixels so it can fit inside the device frame template

step 6 : Copy the resized screenshot image

Use the Selection tool and select the entire screenshot - right click the image and select Copy

Select App Screenshot
Select App Screenshot

step 7 : Open the template downloaded in step 1 using paint

Hit Ctrl + V  to paste the screenshot image on to the template

Merge Screenshot and Template
Merge Screenshot and Template

step 8 : Adjust the image on to the template

Adjust the image using the cursor to place it inside the device frame.

Add some descriptive text about the main feature of your app 

Title Text Size 72

Subtitle Text Size 36

Text Color White

Add Descriptive Text to Image
Add Descriptive Text to Image

step 9 : Your final screenshot is ready - Screenshot Dimensions - 1080 x 1920

Android App Store Screenshot
Android App Store Screenshot

Bonus Tip : You can also add different colors using the paint tool

You can also change the background color to any color of your choice using paint tool.

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